Our unique line of holographic vinyl films that change the way you perceive light and color. These self-illuminating films create a visually stunning, multi-colored dimensional effect that mixes a little sparkle, a dash of glitter and 3D magic working in harmony with virtually any light source.

Holographic vinyl self-adhesive film rolls are a 2 mil in thickness PET material making them very durable for almost any application. Contact us for a samples pack.

Our industry award-winning films are commonly used for wall treatments, sets, displays, kiosks, trade shows, backdrops, countertops, bar facing, flooring and floor wraps, signage, room decor, and more. We can also laminate our films to almost any substrate such as acrylics, polycarbonates, foam boards, vinyls etc. Contact us for additional information and special requests for your application.

Pricing Info

Roll Length38 inch wide51 inch wide (select Patterns)
50 foot roll $535.00 ea. $715.00 ea. Order Inquiry
100 foot roll $990.00 ea. $1400.00 ea. Order Inquiry

*Also visit the Holo-Floor2 page for removable adhesive options

Comet-Tail (Image)

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Comet-Tail (Video)

Confetti (Image)

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Confetti (Video)

Diamond Dust – NEW! (Image)

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Diamond Dust – NEW! (Video)

Eclipse Lens 3D Mirrors 2.5 in. diameter (Image)

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Eclipse Lens 3D Mirrors (Video)

Galaxy (Image)

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Galaxy (Video)

Holo-Dust (Image)

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Holo-Dust (Video)

Holo-Lens 3D Mirrors 1.25 in. squares (Image) 

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Holo-Lens 3D Mirrors (Video) 

Holo-Plaid 1  in. squares (Image) 

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Holo-Plaid (Video) 

Holo-Sheen Rainbow (Image) 

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Holo-Sheen Rainbow (Video)  

Northern Lights – Pinstripes (Image) 

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Northern Lights – Pinstripes (Video)  

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