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Since 2003, Holo-Walls have been on the forefront of innovative film products for a variety of applications around the world. We produce holographic and specialty films in rolls or sheets that have found dynamic uses for many creative applications in all types of markets. With a little sparkle, a dash of glitter and a touch of 3D magic, explore the possibilities and be prepared for something different. All films USA made and we ship worldwide.

Holo-Walls’ diverse film products are popular for both permanent and temporary applications. 

NEW! Sky Bridge Climbing Attraction

Our Holo-Sheen rainbow holographic film on engineered panels for this climbing structure at The Lancaster Science Factory. Featured in IAAPA news hub. Read here.

Sky Bridge Gallery


A unique line of holographic vinyl films that change the way you perceive light and color. These self-illuminating PET films  create a visually stunning, multi-colored dimensional effect that works effectively with virtually any light source.


Using the same embossing processes for our holographic color films, we produce metallic films that perfectly emulate the look of real metal in peel and stick self adhesive rolls. These unique metallic films create the look of real metal that are light weight and easy to apply.


Our most popular product – holographic vinyl and faux metal films with removable adhesive. Durable 2 mil PET films – simply peel, stick, remove. High visual impact for party dance floor wraps, backdrops and set pieces. 

Specialty Film Products

Antique Mirror Vinyl Rolls

New! Antique Mirror Trim Tape In 3 and 10 inch wide rolls

Chrome Silver and Gold Mirror Vinyl Rolls


Our Gloss Floor Vinyl is an economic temporary REMOVABLE high gloss floor vinyl in two standard colors of black and white (custom colors available) that is easy to apply/remove for SEAMLESS dance floor wraps. Engineered for durabiliy – will not rip or tear – for all floor activity including dancing.


Holo-Walls offers “Floor Decor” – a line of removable peel and stick decorative, custom produced floor graphics/decals and designs for dance floor wraps, stage flooring, trade shows and event flooring including our unique Antique Mirror Vintage film.


Our unique self-illuminating holographic and specialty films engineered into sturdy, rugged floor panels for long term use. Laminated to clear impact and scratch resistant water clear polycarbonate sheets necessary for durability in long term, high activity applications. Our films work with any lighting.


Interactive Flooring Rentals
with these award-winning liquid-encased portable floor tiles swirling and morphing liquid lava right under your feet! Interaction creates a playful movement of light and color stimulating sensations of nature and atmosphere.

Award Winning Products

Holo-Walls Industry Award

Holo-Walls was launched in 2002 in Los Angeles California.

With the development of unique holographic film and display products and working closely with manufacturers and key suppliers Holo-Walls was able to develop and bring to market usable relevant and award-winning, one-of-a-kind products that took the industry by storm. Sales of these products began as a local source for events and parties that grew to become a global supplier of films and film product now commonly used as decor for almost any application imaginable.

Over the past few years the product line has been recognized with major industry awards and has greatly expanded for all types of applications.

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