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Interactive Flooring & Tables.
Award-winning liquid-encased tiles for floors and tables. Swirling and morphing liquid lava right under your feet! Interaction creates a playful movement of light and color stimulating sensations of nature and atmosphere. Click here for Liquid Fusion floor rentals information.
The mono or bi-chromatic colored tiles leave a diminishing array of color tones with the memory trace of a footprint left behind like walking on the beach with impressions remaining in the sand until the waves gradually wash them away.
Each tile stimulates play with colors and forms in continuous evolution. Walking on a LIQUID FUSION FLOOR stimulates memories of nature like walking across a green pasture. Each tile is encapsulated with a single or two opposing liquids that swirl around each other as pressure is exerted along its surface.

Our tiles are assembled with two sheets of engineered PVC – the top is an anti-slip surface and the lower is an impact-proof layer. These sheets are combined and sealed resulting in a single, unified piece. PVC is a common, durable material that has excellent properties for longevity, superior impact and shock-resistance.

A limited variety of colors and standard sizes are available. Applications include hospitality, casinos, entertainment centers, attractions, museums, science centers, clubs, residential and retail operations.


NOTE: We have discontinued production of Liquid Fusion. We have a limited stock available of tables and floor tiles (60 cm only). Contact us for details. See PDF Product Sheet for product information. 

For more info & specs, Download the LIQUID FUSION PDF:adobe-pdf-logo

What our Clients have to say!

"The Holo Drape is FANTASTIC ~ WONDERFUL ~ THING OF UTTER BEAUTY... The band loves it"
Brayn Leitch, Production Designer, COLDPLAY 2005 World Tour