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Modular, 40 inch square, interactive liquid-encased interlocking portable floor tiles, these pressure-sensitive fluids creates play and movement. The bi-chromatic tiles leaves a diminishing ray of color tones and the memory trace of a footprint or handprint behind while stimulating a play with colors and forms in a continuous evolution.

Liquid Fusion Floor tiles are encapsulated with two opposing colored liquids that swirl around each other as pressure is exerted along its surface. Tiles are made with rigid, durable PVC materials with an anti-slip surface so they can be safely used as a dance floor, walkway, fashion runway or any flooring application. Easy to handle and assemble. Sets up in just a few hours.

The liquids used are non-toxic and environmentally safe.


Liquid Fusion Interactive Floor Tiles are modular, interlocking panels modeled around industry standard engineered dance floors. Three flooring packages are available for rental in Purple/Orange and Aqua Blue for floor sizes up to 24 X 24 feet. See PDF file below for more details.
  • Easy to assemble - each tile locks together with a screw driver
  • Starting at $40 ea. floor tile plus shipping 
  • Liquid Fusion Floor Tile Rental Options:
  • Purple/Orange (49 tiles = 24 X 24 ft. Floor)*
  • Aqua Series - Blue/Sky blue (49 tiles = 24 X 24 Floor)*
  • Discounts are available for extended engagements
  • *Can be combined for larger flooring options 
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For more info & specs, Download the LIQUID FUSION RENTAL PDF:



What our Clients have to say!

"We would like to extend our appreciation for your tremendous contribution to the Governors Ball. It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with such a Talented team"
Cheryl Cecchetto, President, Sequoia Productions