IAAPAawardHolo-Walls was launched in 2002 in Los Angeles California.

With the development of unique holographic film and display products and working closely with manufacturers and key suppliers Holo-Walls was able to develop and bring to market usable relevant and award-winning, one-of-a-kind products that took the industry by storm. Sales of these products began as a local source for events and parties that grew to become a global supplier of films and film product now commonly used as decor for almost any application imaginable.

Over the past few years the product line has been recognized with major industry awards and has greatly expanded for all types of applications.



Films by Holo-Walls have been used for:

  • sets
  • exhibits
  • decor
  • backdrops
  • signage
  • dance floors
  • retail
  • museum displays
  • props
  • kiosks

HoloWalls product are used throughout these industries:

  • special events
  • architechtual
  • amusement parks
  • trade shows
  • signs. graphics and print
  • nightclubs
  • restaurants
  • motion picture/television
  • entertainment centers
  • corporate promotions
  • concert tours

ChromeMirrorOnLaminatorsmalUsing advanced methods in lamination techniques. our spectral patterns create a unique inexpensive visually stunning dimensional effect unlike anythng else on the market today. All patterns react extra-ordinarily well to all types of lighting as well as being "self-illuminating" and will transform any room, stage, display, wall, exhibit or set into an eye-popping environment that immerses audiences into a kaleidoscopic world of rich colors and fantastic patterns.

Our line of  Steel Wall films are an excellent alternative to real metal. Kevin McCarthy, President of Holo-Walls, LLC explains,"It's important to fully explore our product lines to learn and understand all that Holo-Walls has to offer, and the numerous applications where our films and products can used."

If your objective is to be different and stand out from the crowd then our films will provide you with the energy, power, innovation and excitement needed to break out from the ordinary.

Custom fabrication is our specialty and we will work close with you to insure the best possible results with our exceptional products.


What our Clients have to say!

"it was so fantastic,people talked about it before during and after the show!"
Baris Bellisan, Freakans Music Istanbul Turkey