holo floors cat holowalls 1aHOLO-FLOOR 2

Self-adhesive & removable floor wrap films.

Holo-Wall's most popular product! Our unique films on a removable light tack adhesive that is easily applied to any smooth surface including dance floors. Can also be applied to walls, sets, props, displays and any smooth, sealed surface. 

Safe to walk or dance on, the film can be used for any flooring project or areas where the film needs be removed without leaving a residue. Our top selling product, Holo-Floor2 works on most flooring, fashion runways, walls, displays, sets, etc. and works well with any lighting.

Designed as one-time-use product, the film is simply rolled out and applied to any smooth, clean, sealed surface. Holo-Floor2 will hold up to all types of activity including dancing and will not rip or tear. Holo-Floor2 is sold in rolls that are 38 inches wide in lengths of 50 or 100 feet.

FEATURES: Easy installation (1-3 hours); Safe to walk/dance on; Withstands all types of activity without ripping or tearing; Simple to remove and will not leave a residue; Works on any hard, sealed floor/stage surfaces.

Any of our films with a light-tack/removable adhesive backing that can be laid out over concrete, tiles, dance floors, stage surfaces and most types of flooring. Easy to apply and simply lift up and recycle after each use and will leave no residue on any properly sealed floor. Use for trade shows and exhibit booths, runners, fashion shows, events, entryways, dance floors, premiers, etc. Standard is 38 inches wide and 51 inch wide on select films only.

Visit Holographic Color Films and Steel Walls sections for film options.

Pricing Info

  38 inch wide 51 inch wide
50 foot roll $535.00 ea. $715.00 ea.
100 foot roll $990.00 ea. $1400.00 ea.

For more info and specs, Download the HOLO FLOOR 2 PDF:adobe-pdf-logo