holo drapes cat holowalls 1aHOLO-DRAPES

Starting at $18 per foot
Incorporating any of our unique holographic film patterns, we laminate these films to a 10 ounce stay flat vinyl to create "holographic banners". These are then cut to any length you require with grommets added along the top for hanging and a four inch pocket hem on the bottom for inserting a pipe or similar for it to hang perfectly.
The Holo-Drape is made to order and totally reusable. By incorporating our holographic films, they become "self-illuminating". Any of our patterns react beautifully and magically when illuminated with any light source. Turning them "on" simply requires a light fixture to light up the pattern bringing out a blaze of colors and dimensional patterns. Get creative and have black vinyl letters. logos on the Holo-Drapes for complete personalization. Simply think of them as "holographic banners".
Perfect for stage backdrops, the Holo-Drape is made in 40 inch widths with lengths made specific to your needs. For storage, simply roll up and put away.
PRICING - Any Patten and Made to Order
40 in. wide $23 per linear ft Incl. grommets/pocket hem along top & bottom This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.