Night Trips 2015  HOLO-FLOOR

Engineered Flooring/Club Stage Tops

Our unique holographic and specialty effects films engineered into a sturdy, rugged, floor panels with straight lamination to clear impact/scratch resistant water clear polycarbonate sheets necessary for durability in long term applications. Portable and permanent use products.

Over the past 15 years, Holo-Walls has been on the forefront of unique holographic/3D pattern applications for the club market - including Gentlemen's Clubs. Our film products have been utilized quite successfully for bar fronts, countertops, room decor, wall treatments and stage flooring.

Specifically  stage floors - special processes are used to laminate (straight lamination) our holographic films to sturdy, durable and workable substrates. In adult clubs, our stage floor tiles are the most common and popular by integrating scratch and impact resistant water clear polycarbonate sheets for the ultimate in durability. Only 1/4 of an inch in thickness and available in 4 X 8 sheets, these can be easily cut and drilled onsite and easily installed to any smooth, level and properly sealed surface. Pick your film style from our Holographic Films or Steel Walls collection. 

Applications: *Clubs *Exhibits/Trade Shows *Museum Displays *Lobbies *Entertainment Centers *Themed Attractions *Party Rooms *Retail Displays *Dance/Stage Floor Projects


For bar front or countertops, we use the exact same polycarbonate product but in 1/8 thickness keeping them lightweight and easy to fabricate on site with any standard cutting tool such as a jigsaw. Cleaning is easy with a non-abrasive cloth and mild household cleaners or simply with soap and water.

For wall and room decor, our films on rolls with permanent adhesive are very popular. View the Holographic Color Films section for more information. 

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Recent clubs include Hustler Las Vegas, Night Trips, Coyote Cabaret, Baby Dolls, Secrets, Deja Vu, Norma Jeans, Club 390, Silver Slipper, Scruples, Sundowner, The Lido, Fat Jacks Cabaret, Mr. Happy's, Show 'N Tell, Danny's Club and many more.

"We installed your stage floor in our club seven years ago and still looks great! Everyone tells us we have the most beautiful club stage in the area. Great investment - ready to remodel and do another!" Mr. Happy's Cafe, CT. June 2018

Read about us in the May 2018 edition of Exotic Dancer Magazine!

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