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LED Interactive Lightspace Rental Floor or Wall

Developed by Lightspace, the LED Interactive Floor/Wall system is the most sophisticated LED system on the market today. It combines the latest in LED lighting and interactive sensor technology to produce the ultimate interactive dance floor or touch wall experience.
The immersive technology developed into this remarkable system creatively engages with people by providing a unique interactive experience that responds to every user's movement with amazing, multi-color animations and effects.
Dance, touch, walk, run, jump or even drive a car over it as it is virtually indestructible. The system comprised of fully programmable, pressure sensitive LED tiles and is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of interactive effects, graphic animations and capitvating games. It is also capable of displaying many popular media files such as mpeg,jpeg, etc. and can be synchronized with music for a full customization. The Lightspace package can be effectively used as an interactive floor or wall system in sizes of up to 30 feet X 30 feet.
Perfect for parties, events, trade shows, promotions, displays, product launches, etc. 
For more info & specs, Download the LED RENTAL FLOOR PDF:adobe-pdf-logo