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3D Events Now Available!

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Custom Print 3D Images Will Amaze!
We are now producing 3D prints for any event  with a revolutionary process utilizing special color specific designs viewed with special glasses with the ability to provide a 3D experience based on color - NOT polarization. Working with red, yellow, blue, green and orange colors, our exclusive print process and inks allow for any visual element to float right in front of the viewer with chromatic glasses that allow for a unique 3D experience. Without the glasses, the viewer sees a normal looking image without the ghosting effect that is typically associated with polarized lenses. Our team will help guide you through the process to insure the best possible use of this unique technology for your project.
Applications include decals, dance floor prints, posters, event invitations, promotions and backdrops. Click here for more information and contact us for your free 3D sample kit!

What our Clients have to say!

"it was so fantastic,people talked about it before during and after the show!"
Baris Bellisan, Freakans Music Istanbul Turkey